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The Church of Universal Love and Music


Weekly Featured Four Pack:


Every week your church is going to offer four featured MP3 for listening too. The nifty part of the whole deal is that you could leave our domain as long as you keep the MP3 Player window open and still enjoy this fun filled weekly four pack.

Due to copyright protection laws our site will not offer a way for its users to download, store or edit these .MP3 files. Listen only.

Monday April  30, 2007 thru Sunday May 05, 2007 Four pack:

Click on the name of the file to play it

Title:   Source:
1. Bela Fleck and the FleckTones "Fleck-Jam"   Live at Church
2. Cake "Nugget"   CD
3. Keller Williams  "Pepper"   Tape
4. Jack Off Jill "When I Am Queen"   Internet

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