The Church of Universal Love and Music


Mission Statement:

The Church of Universal Love and Music is a nondenominational, interfaith based church, committed to the spiritual and mental growth of each individual by uniting the body, mind, and spirit.  CULM is dedicated to the essence of life and the values that honesty creates.

People of all ages are welcome to join in the peaceful celebration of life. Unity can be achieved through the acceptance and celebration of our differences as well as our similarities.  CULM is proud to help bring the creatively religious values of music to the world.  Being honest is the path to a happy life and prosperity.  Providing music to help individuals prosper by fulfilling their purpose to be happy and honest is the mission of the Church of Universal love and music.

Music is the universal language, which can break down the barriers of prejudice.   Music can help conscious human beings achieve their full potentials.   Music, Nature, Humor all help us to achieve happiness, and to see the essence of life and existence.


The activities of the church will include guest ministers and spiritual leaders, musical revivals with Nature, religious sermons, spiritual counseling, drum circles, music lessons, nature walks, spirit circles, physical fitness classes, self defense arts workshops and open forums.



Why we believe music is the religion of limitless growth:

We believe in the equality of all humanity through complete and exclusive individual rights to their mind, body and soul.  There is absolutely NO excuse for the use of force, coercion, or deception by any entity.

Every person has a unique personal human consciousness molded by life’s experiences.  Sharing our beliefs in a peaceful setting leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of each other, and universal love.

All individual beliefs bare the same weight as their fellow humans.  The group belief is equal to the individual, and holds no more value then that of the individual.  It is our inherent right to believe what we believe and accept the right of others to believe differently.  To us life is not a bourdon but a magnificent surprise, and that everyday is precious and helps us grow.

We are all connected to the course of nature.  Our conscious knowledge of nature can help shape our world to fulfill individual happiness and pleasure, which are basic human needs.

We believe that spending time outdoors in nature opens our awareness that we are part of the whole life energy.  This experience inspires contemplation of our existence, and individual spiritual growth without words.  Rhythms and melodies exist in all aspects of nature and act as a reminder of our connection to all that surrounds us.    

Music is the supreme form of communication, and has been part of all cultures throughout the entire history of humanity.  It is pure because it stems from the spirit, touching us on all levels, consciously, unconsciously, physically and spiritually.  Music opens the creative hemisphere of the brain to allow new insight and enlightenment.  It inspires personal reflection, communal joy and fellowship.  It is a universal language with no boundaries that speaks to us in a way that words with all their different meanings, interpretations, and translation limitations cannot.

Music is a way that creativeness reaches out from us and communicates to the universe.

Music is widely used for communicating and expressing the emotion of joy.

Music helps us to achieve higher forms of consciousness.

Music is the language of the heart. 


By: Alexandra & William Pritts


Copyright 2006 The Church of Universal Love and Music. All Rights Reserved