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Text Box:     We thought it would be a nice vacation from the norm to enter the land of make believe for this springtime issue. Our first exploration of imagination will be building our own castle. Here’s what you’ll need:
Two big cardboard boxes, one larger than the other                       Two sheets of poster board and colored foam                               Two pints of latex paint (1 base color and another color for the brick outlines)                                     Utility knife                              Rope                                           Hot glue gun 
*Remember to always make sure there’s parental supervision when using knives and hot glue*
Text Box: Directions:
Cut the bottom and the top off of the smaller box, also on the larger box a hole large enough to fit the smaller box through the larger one on the top snugly. Cut a rounded doorway and windows into the larger box, making sure that you leave a flap so they can still be opened as closed as castle doors and windows should. Next you need to put the first layer of paint (your base layer) and let dry; then paint the outline of bricks in the second color you picked out. After the second color dries, cut two small holes in the top of the door and one small hole in any windows you have. Cut two holes in the wall just about 7 Text Box: inches above the holes in the door, and a hole 3 inches above the windows. Thread the piece of rope through the hole in the door to the hole above it. Make sure the piece of rope is long enough that the doors opens all the way to the ground. Tie a knot on the outside of the castle part of the rope. Repeat with the other hole in the door and windows. Cut out rectangles from the poster board and/or foam core and carefully hot glue them to the top edges of the castle. Hot glue the smaller box to the opening edges on the top of the big box. Let the glue dry and then you’re ready to go! You’re ready for a tea party with a dragon or a joust between robin hood and...big bird? Have a good time.                            
Text Box: Building a Castle with your Royal Family
Text Box: Crowns for the Prince or Princess in your life
Text Box: Aluminum foil
Any other art supplies you’d like to use to decorate
Cut out the shape of a crown Text Box: making sure that it fits all the way around the head. Cover the crown with the aluminum foil for the metallic effect. Decorate as much as you want, and then staple one end to the other. Put on and let the playing begin.

Text Box: After you’ve made your castle why not make the kids feel even more like the prince or princess they are. Here’s what you’ll need to make some easy to do crowns:
Cardboard that you can bend successfully in a circle
Text Box: Paper plates
Draw your characters onto the paper plates and color them accordingly. If the frog prince story isn’t your favorite then you can use your own favorite bedtime story characters, or just Text Box: Puppets are a great way to get your kids to act out their favorite fairy tales, or even make up their own stories. Imagination can be honed so easily; all you have to do to get them started is initiate it. Here’s how to do it: 
Washable markers
School glue
Multicolored crayons
Text Box: characters from your imaginations. Carefully cut out your puppets. Add your hair or fur by gluing precut pieces of yarn. Attach finger loops by tearing paper plate strips big enough to fit one or two fingers in, and then gluing them to the back of the puppets. The real fun begins now when you put your puppets to the test. Enjoy!

Text Box: Frog Prince finger puppets
Text Box: Open the door, my princess dear, 
Open the door to thy true love here! 
The Frog Prince
Text Box: Page #
Text Box: Volume 2 Issue 1