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Text Box: What We Believe 
We believe in the equality of all humanity.                                                           Every person has a unique personal relationship with God and life experience.  Sharing our beliefs in a peaceful setting leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of each other, and Universal Love.                                                                            No individuals’ beliefs have more weight than any others.  The group belief is equal to the individual, and holds no more value then that of the individual.  It is our inherent right to believe what we believe and accept the right of others to believe differently.                                                                                                                     We are all connected to the course of nature, and all life forms are but one.                                                                                                  We believe that spending time outdoors in nature opens our awareness that we are part of the whole life energy.  This experience inspires contemplation of our existence, and individual spiritual growth without words.  Rhythms and melodies exist in all aspects of nature and act as a reminder of our connection to all that surrounds us.                                                                                                                                 Music is the supreme form of communication, and has been part of all cultures throughout the entire history of humanity.  It is pure because it stems from the spirit, touching us on all levels, consciously, unconsciously, physically and spiritually.  It inspires personal reflection, communal joy and fellowship.  It is a universal language with no boundaries that speaks to us in a way that words with all their different meanings, interpretations, and translation limitations cannot.                             
Music is a way that God reaches us; we reach each other and in turn reach God.                                                                                    Music is widely used for communicating and expressing the emotion of joy.                                                                                             Music is the language of the heart.
By Alexandra Pritts
Text Box: 340 Bear Rocks Rd
Text Box: Phone: 724 547 7341
Text Box: The Church of Universal Love and Music
Text Box: and then blowing that job off to do something else is no different than sneaking into an event or flat out stealing a ticket This church lacks the multimillion dollar backing some other churches have. You and me are our backing, none of us are doing anyone any favors buy short changing our sisters and brothers. Love is a verb, verbs require action. Get out here and get involved, even if you pay the full gate fee for an event, or if there are no events that year, come down to the church and give a little of yourself, it feels great to be part of something larger than your self and be able to fully Text Box:     Slackers are on my noodle. Nothing hurts this church more than folks who show up for an event that should be paid for and then volunteer their time and effort and totally flake. It happens every year and you guys know who you are. Our events, when they occur, are not free for the Church to host, some of these bands cost a great deal of money and effort to get here. Im sure the church understands if someone wants to come to an event and lacks the funding to do so. That is exactly why the church has a “Work Barter” program. But volunteering to do a job during an event Text Box: appreciate an organization that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Text Box: What’s on Your Noodle?  Slacking off