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Text Box: recently you’ve probably seen the movie and ad we have running on the Donations page. (See story below for more information)
Text Box:     Finally the church gets what it deserves and is finally recognized as a legitimate church. If it wasn’t so necessary in this world to go by the books and fill out a crap load of paper work then we wouldn’t have fought so hard, because we as a whole believe that you don’t need permits of certificates to be a group of people gathering and listening to music and most importantly growing as individuals and as a community. 
    The tax exempt ID means that we are now seen as an Text Box: “institution of purely public charity.” We can now hold fundraisers and sell things to raise the funds needed to keep this fine church of ours running. The bills need to be paid, the people need to be fed, and also very soon all repairs will need to made before we can be sure the campground and amphitheater will be prepared for the cruel winter months. 
    We’ve got a fundraising project started currently called the “Bucket, Bell, and Bar program,” if you’ve been on the website: Text Box: CULM receives Tax Exempt ID!
Text Box: Bucket, Bar, and Bell fundraiser begins
Text Box:     The winter months are upon us, and lots of celebrations are approaching. So since we’ve received our tax exemption, and are now recognized as a real church we can finally hold a very much needed fundraiser to keep ourselves running.
    The Bucket, Bell, and Bar program is ultra simple. If you’re interested in helping out all you have to do is email us at:
Or call us: 724-547-7341
Text Box: What happens when you do that is this; we get your information, you send in $5 for the bucket and the bell, and $15 to ship. You buy the bars of chocolate fir .50 1/2 and sell them for one dollar. You keep everything you paid once you sell the candy, and send the rest to CULM. We’ll find a location close to you to go and dedicate some of your time ringing a bell out front next to your bucket. There’s nothing better to do this joyful holiday season than helping out your struggling church. As with Text Box: every organization we have operational costs; like the electricity, repairs etc. Every little bit helps. Especially if we’re going to try and do more activities during the winter, and especially the summertime. There’s just things we need that we cannot get without money. We’d like to thank all of you have already signed up, and hope whatever holiday you celebrate is the best one yet.
Merry Christma-Chanu-Ramadan-a-Kwanzaa-kah everybody!
Text Box: The Church of Universal Love and Music
Text Box: November — December
Text Box: Volume 2, Issue 3
Text Box: CULM Free Press
Text Box: Special points of interest:
Recycling  art
Fundraising to help your church!
Making “crystals”


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Letter From CULM


Turkey Day all year round


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Crafts AND Cleaning??


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