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Text Box: This summer’s theme is remembering the past. We’ve collected favorite summertime recipes from some of the members and will have more posted on the website.

Ice Cream in a Coffee Can for the kids:
2 Coffee cans both with lids, one has to be larger than the other
Ice Salt
Ice Cream Recipe: 
1 cup of very cold milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Text Box: 1 tbsp chocolate syrup                                             
Directions: Place the ice cream mixture in the smaller coffee can (make sure the can is cleaned thoroughly beforehand) Seal the lid onto the can tight. Put the smaller can into the larger can. Then place the ice and salt in the remaining space of the larger can. Seal the larger can than and roll it around for about a half an hour. Finally open up the coffee cans and eat up! 
Another thing we though might be nice is to decorate the  larger can and make it a summertime treat ritual. 

Text Box: Summertime punch: 
10-15 servings 
alcoholic or none
3 (6oz) cans of orange juice           3 (6oz) cans of pink lemonade      2 (10oz) packages frozen raspberries with syrup                       1 quart Ginger Ale (chilled)         1 bottle strawberry wine (optional)

Blend all the ingredients together, and remember to not thaw out the raspberries because they act as the ice cubes

Text Box: Summertime treats 
Text Box: The CULM IT/IS department, which consists just a couple of hardworking  hippies, have been working hard for weeks on the new look for:
The website is now fully operational and we’re in the works of having a functional music Text Box: server online. We’ve also got updates on the articles and the church in the media. Check out the calendar which is updated often so you’ll know if the plans for something has changed. We’ve got lots of handy things in progress here, and we must remind you that all work is done by volunteers Text Box: only. It’s probably the most beautiful part of CULM. The fact that the volunteers, or rather the CULM family, does all of it. Everything down to the cooking. We appreciate it.  So check out the website, it’s amazing, and keep checking in on it to see what we’ve got in progress.  
Text Box: The CULM website gets a facelift!


The Church of Universal Love and Music

Text Box: June - October 
Text Box: Volume 2, Issue 2


Things to look for:


·  Website update info

·  Make your own musical instruments

·  Fun crafts for the kids

·  What is a church?

·  Slightly strange but inspiring lyrics from ANTHRAX?!

June -  October Schedule


Letter from CULM


Inspirational lyrics  from...who?





Musical instruments for the kids


Yoyo mobile


What’s on your Noodle?


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