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Text Box: Get the inspiration started
Text Box: Making music for the future
Text Box: What better way to inspire a child to learn and play than to build something to play with right? Well hereís a great way to get the kids started; up periscope! 
Youíll need:
Two 1-quart milk cartons          Two small pocket mirrors (flat square ones work best)               Utility knife                                Ruler                                          Pencil or Pen                             Text Box: Masking Tape                             Any paints or glitter you want to use to decorate them                           
Directions: Use the knife to cut the top of the milk cartons and remove the peaked ďroof.Ē  Cut a square hole on the bottom of the front of the milk carton. Leave about 1/4 inch on either side of the hole.. Put the milk carton on itís side so that the hole is facing to your right. On the side thatís facing up measure 2/34 inches up the left edge of the carton and make a mark there with your pen or pencil. Now use your Text Box: ruler to make a diagonal line from the bottom right corner to the mark that you just made.  Starting at the bottom right corner cut along that line but donít cut all the way to the edge; only cut until your mirror fits through the slot. Next, slide the mirror through the slot so that the reflective side in facing the opening on the front of the carton. Tape the mirror into place. Test the carton by putting it up to your eye and seeing the ceiling through the top of the carton. Adjust and tape again. Repeat steps with the other milk carton. Text Box: portant to inspire them to experiment with as many different things as they can so that they can find out what they have a passion for. Music is a great way to express your feelings and hone your creative skill. Try making these musical instruments and seeing how the kids react to making something that makes music.
Simple drum:                                                      Construction paper                    A glue stick                                 An empty round oatmeal container                                        markers or whatever you want to decorate it with                      
Directions: Decorate the piece of construction paper that Text Box: youíll be putting on the drum. After youíre done decorating it wrap it around the oatmeal container, and glue it into place. Thatís it! Youíre done! Happy drumming.
Text Box:     Our children are our future and we think itís very imText Box: Page #
Text Box: CULM Free Press
Text Box: Volume 2, Issue 2

away from you. Carefully slide the one carton over the other and tape together. Decorate as much as you feel is needed. Let decorations set. All thatís left to now is have fun!

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