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Text Box: Whatís on your Noodle? What is a church?
Text Box:     When you set aside a space in your home or outside somewhere for meditation and prayer, this could be your church.  A formal church is exactly this but for not only yourself but for others. It is simply a place for you to spend time with God. 
    A church is intended for the individual and for the collective alike. Sometimes when we are in these places our minds may wander to our grocery lists, or whatever has had our attention all day, but the place you are at at that moment is still sacred and weíre still bringing ourselves and each other back to the awareness of who we are. Really it is our own mind that makes anything a church. 
Text Box:     We donít have to use the same words, as long as our intentions are of understanding, forgiveness, guidance, and especially Love. We are all individuals of One humanity. There are many words languages, and ways of expressing that which is really inexpressible, but a feeling 
    Music is another way to express these feelings. People learn through different ways; voice, auditory. Music has the ability to reach peopleís spiritual connection with God. It is a language we use for prayer but also a way God tries to touch our souls. Through music we express our souls to other people.  
    Music may not be the way that everyone finds God and Text Box: Love but to everyone itís a way to learn. It doesnít matter what particular words or rituals or names we give our God, but that the intention stays pure. Love is of God. We are children of God, all of us.
    A church is a place that acknowledges that God loves each and every one of us. 

Thank You Alexandra Pritts for your beautiful words
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Text Box: Volume 2, Issue 2