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Text Box: What We Believe 
We believe in the equality of all humanity.                                     Every person has a unique personal relationship with God and life experience.  Sharing our beliefs in a peaceful setting leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of each other, and Universal Love.                                                                        No individuals’ beliefs have more weight than any others.  The group belief is equal to the individual, and holds no more value then that of the individual.  It is our inherent right to believe what we believe and accept the right of others to believe differently.                                                                                     We are all connected to the course of nature, and all life forms are but one.                                                                                                  We believe that spending time outdoors in nature opens our awareness that we are part of the whole life energy.  This experience inspires contemplation of our existence, and individual spiritual growth without words.  Rhythms and melodies exist in all aspects of nature and act as a reminder of our connection to all that surrounds us.                                           Music is the supreme form of communication, and has been part of all cultures throughout the entire history of humanity.  It is pure because it stems from the spirit, touching us on all levels, consciously, unconsciously, physically and spiritually.  It inspires personal reflection, communal joy and fellowship.  It is a universal language with no boundaries that speaks to us in a way that words with all their different meanings, interpretations, and translation limitations cannot.                             Music is a way that God reaches us; we reach each other and in turn reach God.                                                                                    Music is widely used for communicating and expressing the emotion of joy.                                                                                             Music is the language of the heart.
By Alexandra Pritts
Text Box: 248 Bear Rocks Rd
Acme, PA 15610
Text Box: really great idea and a really great deal. Anyone who doesn’t want to take the time to hassle with EBay crap can sit back and profit while the folks at make it happen.
This project has great potential for our church and can help us grow a great deal; it can also help you get rid of some stuff you may have otherwise thrown out. Global exposure for hippy projects, who would have thunk it?
Sweetbuys and the CULM IT/IS Group always needs volunteers. Do you have a technical degree or back ground? Help us out! Email resume and academic CSV to  Text Box: The ultimate online mega-mart. The CULM IT/IS Group is at it again with their newest deployed endeavor, With a “million dollar” domain like this one you can’t go wrong. Full EBay integration coupled with flawless look and functionality is sure to make this project a big success.
The idea to have an online auction center was spawned by our fearless leader Will. The domain name was scored in the same day by our die hard IT Department. You and anyone else on earth can feature your products for sale online at less than EBay prices. This is a Text Box: Publish your code globally, get credits for school, finish your internship, and get Microsoft/Comp TIA Certified all at your church.
Text Box: sure to be big success
Text Box: Phone: 724-547-7341
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