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Text Box: Weekly Activities
Potluck Dinner- Every Sunday evening
Sunset Service with Aumé- Every day at sunset
Midnight Service with Hawkeye- Every night at midnight
Karaoke- Every Wed. night

Text Box: Drum Circle- Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. evenings
Text Box: The Recipe Family Cookout:              Aug 19,20,21
The Boykin Ball:             Sep 9,10,11
Tickets available at:
Text Box: more about pronto. 
    We’ve got a lot of good bands coming out this summer, a lot of kind vendors, and even though it’s too early to know and announce all the bands and such that will be making their way out to us it looks like this is going to be our greatest summer season of them all. 
    So please, come out and see us. It’s only when  you can experience the love that flows through our grounds that you can understand and be able to say, “Hey that’s not a bunch of mumbo jumbo that some hippy just spewed out. 
    We look forward to seeing Text Box: Dearest Readers:
    It’s now 2005 and things are looking great for this year. As a whole CULM has a new year’s resolution to bring as many  new people into the light of musical spirituality as possible.
    We’ve been making many changes not only to the campsite but to our schedules and activities. Hopefully these efforts will help us reach our goal.
    We’ve started a recycling project that we will be using for all of the festivals. Along with the recycling we’ve got a community service project that we will be announcing Text Box: each and every one of you out. May all of you know the power of musical inspiration.

	The CULM Family
Text Box: 2005 SCHEDULE
Text Box: Letter From CULM
Text Box: You got to listen to the heavens, you got to try to understand. The greatness of their movement is just as small as it is grand.
 - Grateful Dead, Walk In The Sunshine -
Text Box: Page #
Text Box: CULM Free Press


The Rhythm is in our blood. - African Proverb -


Festival Guide

·          PA Potluck:              May 13,14,15

·          Freedom Festival:  July 1,2,3

·          Jojo Circusworld: July 29,30



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