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Text Box: The holidays are over, but not for long. Here’s our plans for    the next few months:
Valentine’s Day craft days:  Join us for crafts made with love, for love. Crafts include things for kids AND adults. Adult crafts will be held on the stage, and children’s crafts will be going on in the children’s area next to the stage. Everyday the 6th-13th from 11am-Text Box: 2:30pm on Saturday and Sunday: 3:30pm-6:30pm Monday through Friday.  Also on Valentines day itself join us for drumming for love and karaoke starting at 6 pm.
Easter Bunny Bash:  Join us Easter weekend for daytime children’s activities including an easter egg hunt and fun crafts and games. It doesn’t stop there either, Text Box: there’s been a rumor going around the church that the Easter Bunny himself is supposed to make an appearance! Also after the kids are asleep the fun doesn’t stop because live music by Neil Ketchman with open mike following is going on all night long. Come join in on all the festive fun!
Text Box: Up and Coming Holiday schedule reminders
Text Box: What’s on your noodle? Helping Others
Text Box:     The intention is what matters. If you do something, anything really, and you do it with love, consider it a good deed. Try it out sometime. You’ll feel good afterwards. 
    A very wise bumper sticker once told me that Mean people suck, and by golly, I think it was right.
Help the fight to save the kind.

Text Box: 	
     Community Service ; the sound stings like a hot poker to the ear for most people today so we thought we’d give a little bit of a reminder to the reader that helping out is as easy as saying hello. 
      It’s our duty as human beings to do our best and even strive to better than our best to compensate for those humans that don’t do so hot in the “doing” scheme of things. 
      No matter what side of the scale you’re on remember that not everything has to be world changing. You can help someone out just by asking them how their day was, or helping to carry in the groceries. It doesn’t matter. 
Text Box: If you’d like to tell us what’s on your noodle please email us at:
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Text Box: Volume 1, Issue 1


Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. 

 ~Ludwig van Beethoven~

Music is the

universal language of mankind.




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