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Text Box: Vendor Notice,

 	Vendors, we humbly request that you help us keep things going here by helping us to take care of our all volunteer staff, and fund raising. We are a nonprofit organization, and everyone working here is a volunteer.  If you are a food vendor please provide our volunteers with food and beverages as part of your donation to the festival. Volunteers will have ID badges.  Keep a list of the names and food items received by the volunteers, so that we can make sure everything is fair for all of us.  If you are a merchandise vendor, we are requesting an item to be donated to our fund raising and raffle table under the stage tent, with a note about yourselves.  Thank you so much for your kindness and cooperation with our fundraising needs.  
All our love, 
Text Box: 248 Greenlick Hollow Rd
Acme Pa 15610
Phone: 724-547-7341

Text Box: The Church of universal Love and Music
Text Box: that is the envy of bands everywhere. The band's high-energy live shows have fortified their stature considerably on the national club and festival circuit. With the 1998 release of "NIGHT OF THE PORCH PEOPLE", "GEODE" in 2000 and "ALL YOU CAN EAT in 2003, (The first Live CD), the band remains consistent in its devotion to songwriting and in it's work ethic.. 
     While band members came and went, founding members Joe Prichard, Tom Whelan and Gregg Lowley carried Text Box:      In the "Family and Friends" spirit of The Grateful Dead, Delaney and Bonnie and Willie Nelson comes one of the most original and refreshing bands on the roots-rock / jamband scene today. Hailing from the musically rich Mid-Atlantic region, THE RECIPE sprung onto the scene in 1995 with their debut CD, "LOVE MARBLE HOE DOWN", introducing listeners to a fresh mix of insightful songwriting and superb musicianship. What came next was a non-stop touring schedule resulting in a fan base Text Box: on THE RECIPE tradition with an amazing line-up of musicians providing fans with unforgettable live shows, always true to the classic Recipe sound, yet allowing musical growth and experimentation. From the very beginning, The RECIPE'S high-energy live shows and good-time vibe have motivated their fans to get up and dance, making the shows part concert and part family reunion. It is in this spirit that the band stages their annual RECIPEFAMILY COOKOUT.

Text Box: The Recipe will be here in may!!!


Vendor Center


Bella Luna Moirai

Statues –books

Spiritual supplies



1029 Broad street.

Greensburg, Pa.15610



Pj’s Pizza and Subs

(724) 547-9880

$10 pizzas

7 E. Main St. open till 11pm

We Deliver

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