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Text Box:     If you have a talent, an idea, or anything you think could add to our ever growing idea “jumble” please contact us and let us know what’s on your mind.
Text Box:     The Church of Universal Love and Music has been fighting the good fight for five-plus years now, and the whole time people have been trying to bring us down. It didn’t work any of those times and everyday we’re thinking of new ways to keep us the way we deserve to be; standing tall. Right now though there are significant amounts of change being made, and we need or members input.
    Our activities are becoming fewer and fewer as winter sets in, but spring will be a different story. That’s when we will have a fresh start with a new “playlist” for us to try out. Right now we’re working on the coming of Movie night, the rock Text Box: oasis is being added onto the meditation station, and several other things we’d like to keep a secret just to make you wonder. =) This we have been told is not enough. We need more things to do!
    This is where you, our loyal member come in. We need to hear what you want to do. If you’re really talented in  certain area like a musical instrument, or even if you’re good at putting on  puppet shows and you’d like to share your talent with us by giving lessons or just putting on a show; let us know! This beautiful place needs more beautiful people in it sharing their knowledge and opinions with others.
Text Box: The Church needs remodeling...
Text Box: Getting a Head Start on the New Year
Text Box:     The CULM Free Press is starting anew with on issue a month instead of the crazy system we had going before. And you know what that means? More recipes, activities, and other stuff to make you feel good! Woohoo! 
    Anyway, we’ve started to incorporate a few new features to the newsletter, such as Text Box: CULM artists where  any of you can send in your artwork an we’ll feature it in the next isue. Of course there are certain guidelines we have to follow so no shenanigans. The images should be emailed to us in jpg or gif format and should be 1.5 MB or less. Please email them to:                         
Text Box:     Check for more changes in the next couple of months and let us know what you think!
Text Box: The Church of Universal Love and Music
Text Box: January 2006
Text Box: Volume 3 Issue 1  
Text Box: CULM Free Press
Text Box: Special points of interest:
CULM Artwork
Feeling good with food
Church Updates!
Snow even if you don’t have snow.
Stealing from the church...


Jan. 2006 Schedule


Letter from CULM


Wintertime Cure for the Blues




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Whats on your Noodle?



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