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Text Box:     A lot of people don’t actually get to see snow on the ground in the winter time so we thought we’d help them out. Here’s how to make your own snowy wonderland of a snow globe right on your kitchen table.
Medium/Large jars with  lids   Florists clay from craft supply store                                                 Small figurine of whatever you like                                          White/Silver glitter                     Hot glue gun                                            Text Box: Ribbon or felt                                      Plastic greenery (optional)
Directions: Wash and dry jars completely, the lid also. Attach your figure into to lid of the jar using the florist clay. Make sure you make your figure appear a little taller by piling the clay up a little bit at the bottom. Then add any other things you’d like in there onto the clay. Next fill your jar with cold water making sure to leave 1/2-1 inch depending on your jar size Text Box: below the top. Then add your desired amount of glitter Using a hot glue gun line the inside of the lid with glue. Twist the lid onto the jar as tight as you can. Dry any water off of the lid if any spilled out. Let dry overnight, lid side up. Take ribbon or felt ad wrap it around the lid. Glue it on securely. Shake to test it out.
Text Box: on the past year and you don’t know what you want o put in the time capsule. Here’s a few things that might help give you a couple of ideas. Maybe you went to a show this summer and you have a wrist band from it; you could put that in there. If you have a copy of a CD that you really like, or even your favorite lyrics written down. A picture of your family, or your best friend. It doesn’t matter hat it is. The only Text Box: This activity requires a little bit a sentiment and a whole bunch of creativity. It’s the beginning of the year is here and what better way to remember the past 365 days than making a time capsule.
You’ll need:                                      A coffee can                                     Whatever you’d like to put in it                                                        Paint if you’d like to put anything on the outside. 
Ok, so you’re looking back Text Box: limitation you have is it has to able to fit in the can, and mean something to you. Then you have to decide here to stash it away. You can bury it somewhere, like under a tree. You could put it into the wall if you’re remodeling you’re house. It has to be somewhere  that’s not easily accessible. 
Text Box: Make your own Snow Globes
Text Box: Remembering all the good times
Text Box: You, Yourself, as much as any other person in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
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Text Box: Volume 3 Issue 1  
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