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Text Box: What We Believe 
We believe in the equality of all humanity.                                                                             Every person has a unique personal relationship with God and life experience.  Sharing our beliefs in a peaceful setting leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of each other, and Universal Love.                                                                                                                         No individuals’ beliefs have more weight than any others.  The group belief is equal to the individual, and holds no more value then that of the individual.  It is our inherent right to believe what we believe and accept the right of others to believe differently.                                                                                                                 We are all connected to the course of nature, and all life forms are but one.                                                                                                  We believe that spending time outdoors in nature opens our awareness that we are part of the whole life energy.  This experience inspires contemplation of our existence, and individual spiritual growth without words.  Rhythms and melodies exist in all aspects of nature and act as a reminder of our connection to all that surrounds us.                                                                                                                                                Music is the supreme form of communication, and has been part of all cultures throughout the entire history of humanity.  It is pure because it stems from the spirit, touching us on all levels, consciously, unconsciously, physically and spiritually.  It inspires personal reflection, communal joy and fellowship.  It is a universal language with no boundaries that speaks to us in a way that words with all their different meanings, interpretations, and translation limitations cannot.                             
Music is a way that God reaches us; we reach each other and in turn reach God.                                                                                    
Music is widely used for communicating and expressing the emotion of joy.                                                                                             
Music is the language of the heart.
By Alexandra Pritts
Text Box: 248 Bear Rocks Rd
Acme, PA 15610
Text Box: Phone: (724) 547-7341
Text Box: The Church of Universal Love and Music
Text Box: fairly frequently. Though we weren’t doing nearly as well as we had hoped we kept them out. When we went to go and pick them up the clerks at the stores informed us that they had already been picked up. 
    Someone went into the stores (there was two) and said they were from the church and took them. We don’t know who it was but it’s messed up. If you have any information on the bucket heist please call us ASAP. 
(724) 547-7341

Text Box:    As everybody probably already knows CULM received a tax exempt ID number recently, which means we re now recognized as a church and can do things for ourselves now such as fundraisers. (We are still fighting for the right to hold shows though.)
    With the news that e could do this we hurried to do something. We thought that putting little change bucket out by some registers at local businesses. We painted them and put them out. They were beautiful. We had them out for about 2 weeks, and checked on them Text Box: If you have something on You Noodle write to us!
Text Box: What’s on Your Noodle? Stealing


Bella Luna Moirai

Statues –books

Spiritual supplies



1029 Broad street.

Greensburg, Pa.15610


Stealing is Shwag!!!

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