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Text Box: Have a Rockin’ Holiday Season!!!
Love, The CULM Family
Text Box: 248 Bear Rocks Rd 
Acme Pa 15610
Text Box: Phone: 724-547-7341
Text Box: The Church of Universal Love and Music
Text Box: it. This sign was found ran over and there was tire marks from what looks like someone doing doughnuts in the field. This is not acceptable.
    Also past the front gate there has been some things going missing. Chairs, drums, painting supplies; it doesn’t matter the item, al that matters is that stealing is not something we here at the Church of Universal Love and Music are at all impressed with. 
    Anyway, we keep the doors Text Box:   
     It is a sad day when “What’s on your Noodle” has something unpleasant to write about, but we thought it would be nice to bring this to everyone’s attention. 
    In the last couple of weeks a string of vandalism has hit the CULM family right in our own backyard. At the front drive to the campground we have a large wooden post that has some signs that were hand painted by our volunteers and friends posted on Text Box: open to all people, all the time, but if things like this continue on the path that they are going then things on our end will have to change also. If you know anything about the stolen items or about the knocked over signs please contact us via email or phone:
(724) 547-7341
Text Box: What’s on your Noodle? Vandalism 
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