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The Church of Universal Love and Music


CULM Pig Run:

Project Lead:


Estimated rollout date:

Early June of 2007

Current Project phase:

Construction (A)


  • Provide sizable run for pigs.
  • Run 200-300 pigs through designated area
  • Become more self sustainable
  • Eat the pigs


Currently still in the early construction phase, a sizable pig run has been defined.

About this project:

Pigs are an excellent source of meat and manure. Both of which could be extraordinarily helpful resources. If you store manure in any container with a lid and a spout that can be closed tight, then add water, flammable methane gas is produced and you can distribute this gas as needed. Pigs are a great renewable source of meat. Pigs should be able to be installed by early June of 2007. Much help is needed. (Click Here)




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