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Fest on the 29th - Saturday - Gates open 10:00 am.

juno what pic

Juno What?

Joey Porter: keyboards & talk box,
Dave Watts: drums and samples,
Dominic Lalli: saxophone & keys

Juno What?! is America’s newest contribution to the late 70's/early 80's-inspired, high energy, funk-disco, synth bass, electronica genre.

euphonic brew pic

Euphonic Brew

Todd Knepp on guitar/vocals,
Brandon Matsook on bass/vocals,
Mike Willis on keyboards,
Mitch Thompson on drums.

Citing reference points as diverse as The Beatles, Widespread Panic, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, and The Allman Brothers, EB avoids pigeonholing through genre-bending syntheses of their many different influences. “It’s about variety,” explains Willis. “We’ve got three distinctive songwriters all writing in their own way, so this band is definitely about variety.” These guys switch between funky riff-rockers, improvised jams, and pop mini-suites with ease. The result: listeners are treated to an array of styles, further augmented by their use of non-traditional instruments such as African percussion and the trombone.


kim cameron and side fx pic

Kim Cameron and Side FX

Kim, Nik, Nick, Andy, Dave, John, Chris, Kimberly

The Side FX Band hails from the nation’s capital and offer an alternative sound that is all their own – a smooth blend of pop, jazz, country, and rock, with sometimes even a few riffs of middle-eastern wind instrumentation woven in.

rubblebucket orchestra pic

Rubblebucket Orchestra

Kalmia Traver - lead vocals/sax
Alex Toth - trumpet/bandleader
Adam Dotson - trombone/euphonium
Maria Christina Eisen - baritone sax
Rusty Flynn - electric bass
Darby Wolf - organ and rhodes
Craig Myers - percussion/N'Goni
Ari Diaconis - congas/percussion
Geza Carr - drums
Ian Hersey - electric and prepared electric guitar

Exotic beats and colors

gent treadly

Gent Treadly
Greg Koerner - Bass
Tom Kaelin - Drums
David Berg - Guitar
Craig Dreyer - Saxophone
Peter Levin - Keyboards
Buddy Cage - Pedal Steel
Anastasia Rene - Vocals

Gent Treadly is truly a unique act and the players are the real deal who have evolved into one of the most heralded units in New York City - offering a precocious blend of bluesy improvisational roots rock. Four out of five major artists agree: over the years these guys have been joined onstage by members of The Grateful Dead, Phish, Jane's Addiction, Spin Doctors, moe, The Band and many others.


papadosio pic


Anthony - guitar, keys, vocals
Billy - keys vocals
Mike - drums
Rob - bass, vocals

Papadosio's latest release, entitled Magreenery, showcases the band's unique attempt to blend your grandfather's favorite jam grooves into an contemporary electronic soufflé. Forcing these two divergent forms of music into a viable chimera is no easy task. Typical jam fans do the elbow-spin-dance for organic grooves, organic clothing, and organs played by organisms, like humans. Electronica, on the other hand, rewards those who posses the technical skills to program clever loops, patches and the ability to push sound-processing apparatus to the limit of their design. Electronica artists often create sonic soundscapes unachievable by the human hand or analog instrument. The trick to appreciating Papadosio is to not think of their music as strictly jam or electronica. Instead, one needs to focus on the properties shared by both worlds. For example, both forms of music inspire listeners to dance and they both inspire trance-like mental states. Simply put, Papadosio creates music to dance and trance to.


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