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Membership Application for:
2009 Season Pass
*Includes all festivals and Shows of the finest quality + Access to Church Grounds

Please complete in full and send to:
The Church of Universal Love and Music
248 Greenlick Hollow Road
Acme, PA 15610

Phone: 724-547-2525
Fax: 724-547-4405

(Please Print)




*A valid Email is necessary in order to receive updated info on events.

~If payment is received before April 20th 2009

$200.00 Donation

Payment received after 4/20/09

$400.00 Donation

*Make Check or Money Order Payable to:

“The Church of Universal Love and Music” (C.U.L.M.)

We most graciously thank you for your generous support and
wholeheartedly welcome you to our church!
Peace, Love, Respect, & Lots of Music