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The Church of Universal Love and Music


CULM Water to Energy Initiative:

Project Lead:


Project Engineer:


Estimated rollout date:

Mid September of 2006

Current Project phase:

Design (B)


  • Provide reliable and renewable energy source.
  • Package and deploy paradigm
  • Become more self sustainable
  • Produce and market energy overflow


Currently still in the design phase and ready for beta test. The first of these units may be produced as early as August 16, 2006.

About this project:

We are blessed here with an abundance of water. Armed with the power of gravity and some small earth moving equipment, this water can flow anywhere we want it to. Anything in motion has a tendency to involve stationary objects in its motion when those object are in its path of motion.. In short flowing water moves things. If we choose we can harness this energy in numerous ways and use it to generate a DC charge. This charge can be stored, distributed, inverted and sold. So could the method to produce a similar charge in different settings that had access to large volumes of water.







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